Rhonda’s Story

Financial Transactions smlRhonda’s Story

Rhonda* phoned our office. She was concerned, her son had appeared in court that day, been found guilty and been taken into custody. He had never been in prison before and she knew nothing about the system. She didn’t know how to organize visits or how she could help him whilst he was in prison.

The person at the court had told her he would be taken to the MRRC. She didn’t know what that meant. Our worker was able to explain that the MRRC was the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre and was at Silverwater.

We explained that visits needed to be booked and provided her with the booking phone number. She would also need to take identification and would be assigned a Visitor Index Number, once she had established her visitor index number she could assist her son by putting money into his inmate account if she wished. Rhonda thanked our welfare worker for the information and for listening to her.

*Names have been changed to protect the client’s identity

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